This topic is on the New Mexico Roswell UFO incident. It was a flying disc object that crashed near Roswell New Mexico in July of 1947. They say a flying disc had been discovered and recovered from the Roswell Army Air Field Forces. This ship was in a form of a dices shape as been told by other witness. They also saw lights before the crash and all the sightings have said the lights had formed a strange shape. When this was reported out to the world wide news explaining the incident at Roswell, The United States military army went into action and explained to all the broadcast news; it was a high-altitude surveillance balloon, which lost control and crashed at a ranch near Roswell? But the witness has seen this crash and saw materials that where tin, alum, metal likes structure. Along with grey like body’s of unexplained creatures that were never seen again? All these materials have been put into an oversize truck and hauled away on the same day.

The Crash

When the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) found the flying object, they discovered materials that were metal like structure. The metal was a thin metal that could hold against extreme heat and pressure. This metal was scattered across the landscape. And bits of the ship had been recovered few behind from where the ship wreck. When the materials were pick up, it was made of tinfoil, paper, tape, and sticks made into a bundle that is three foot long and eight inches thick. When they were gathering they describe it as an alien spaceship that couldn't be made from this planet. The disc had no trace of any engine or any sigh of a propeller. they also discover grey like body's laying on the side of this ship, these body's were pick up and transported to Roswell air base. from there on the whole incident of this crash has just be drop, no sign of any ship or the materials that has been pick up along with the body's.

Cover up

When the flying disc was recovered and broadcast to the worldwide news explaining it was a ship made from an alien. This is when United States military sent a message to the press room... explaining it was a weather balloon project that has lost control of its flight and crashed near the ranch of Mac Brazel in Roswell New, Mexico. But if this was true how would a balloon travel at light speed to get around the world. And if so, where are they hiding the trick mirrors.